Our community has always accepted science as a guide for fighting climate breakdown. Now, we must follow science in order to fight a more immediate crisis – Covid-19.
To be responsible during this time and protect those most vulnerable, we must respect advice on social distancing and isolation to do our bit.
As with any crises, how we respond to these events is paramount. How we come together to support each other and connect is more important than ever. In this uncertain, unstable time, let us find strength in our communities.
For those of us that thrive outdoors, staying inside isn’t easy. But the truth is, right now we need to pull together and look out for one another. And that means standing in solidarity and not taking unnecessary risks. 
So be mindful of your activities and the strain our emergency services are already under. Stay home. Respect others. The time to play will come.
During this period, we must also take stock of where we are and where we are going. This pandemic will bring big changes for us all, both individually and collectively. 
Drawing climate crisis parallels will come. But for now, we must support the global priority for public health. To limit in-person contact, self-isolate when necessary, and support the vulnerable. 
We don’t know how long this will last, but it’s vital that we stay connected. Whilst we may not be physically connected, let us stay in touch with loved ones and extend our compassion to those in need.
To reconnect to ourselves and others in ways we may have forgotten. To share our concerns and inspire each other. Remembering that digitally, we can still act.
Whilst the pandemic is taking centre stage, the climate crisis is waiting patiently in the wings. However this plays out, Covid-19 is showing us all how fragile and vulnerable our societies and global systems are. 
It’s proving that we need more resilient and adaptable communities to weather the storms. That we need more collaboration. More creativity. More courage. More love.
We will need a rapid transformation to effectively tackle this crisis. A reorganisation of economy and a reprioritisation of needs. Perhaps it will also give us a glimpse of what’s possible for transforming our society towards a carbon-neutral future.
This period of disruption may take a while, so please take care of yourself – and those around you. We’ll need you on the other side.
With love,
Everyone at Protect Our Winters UK

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